Matthew Loosemore  | PRINCIPAL |

Matthew Loosemore | PRINCIPAL |

Matt earned his BA and BS in architecture from Washington State University in 1996. He played major roles working at different local Portland firms in the beginning of his career.  In 2003 he founded Loosemore Design. After three years of working as a sole proprietor, he co-founded SUM Design Studio in 2006.  Previously he taught as an adjunct professor within the Portland State University architecture program.  In his 17 years of experience in the industry he has worked on numerous projects which vary in scale, typology, and clientele.  His project experience includes residential, commercial, resort hotels, schools, libraries, and mixed use.  Matt has a passion for modern design and infill development. To achieve this he believes that a successful practice of design is composed of three equal parts including interpersonal skill, client communication and aesthetics.  Without the merger of these three components it is impossible to meet the needs of the community. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, fishing, and traveling.

Eric Hoffman  | PRINCIPAL |

Eric Hoffman | PRINCIPAL |

Eric earned a Bachelor of Interior Design from Montana State University in 1992. After working for various architectural firms in Portland, he formed Hoffman Design Consultants in 2004. His 16+ years of work has established him as a respected designer in the commercial market by assisting large scale clients with new office spaces and new identities throughout the Northwest. In 2006 he co-founded SUM Design Studio. Since then, he’s worked on many residential and mixed use projects.  In addition he has a lengthy commercial portfolio in tenant improvement. Outside of work he loves introducing his two boys to the outdoors, playing with power tools, and recognizing the finer aspects of the VW Bus.


Gene Bolante  | PRINCIPAL |

Gene Bolante | PRINCIPAL |

Gene has over 20 years’ experience in a multitude of projects. Beginning his career in Chicago, Gene worked as an intern at a residential firm over the summers and breaks while in college.  Upon graduation, Gene relocated to Oregon to enjoy the mix of the great outdoors he appreciated in Montana and the urban life he had grown up around while living in Chicago as a youth.   After four years of working at the largest local firm in Salem, Gene changed careers and ventured into development.  In the position of hiring architects and engineers, Gene gained experience with land use, financing, project management and construction of multi-million dollar projects.  Eventually his passion led him back to architecture, and in 2001 he jointly started a local Salem architectural firm that has successfully completed many projects throughout the Willamette Valley and Pacific NW. Gene and his wife have four boys, and Gene is very passionate about muscle cars, of which he owns several.

Sarah Sandusky  | DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS |  s  a  r  a  h


After earning a BS in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon in 2004, Sarah packed her bags and headed straight to Oregon. She quickly realized that Portland's unique business community afforded all the challenges necessary to keep her engaged. For 14 years, Sarah's managed finances, human resources, operations and strategy across a number of industries, including architecture, real estate development, digital and marketing. If there's something that can be improved, chances are, she'll find it (and fix it). When she's not busy making everything run smoothly, you can find Sarah working on her never-ending landscaping project and adventuring with her husband and their crazy puppy Gizmo.  

Heather Bowers  | DESIGNER |

Heather Bowers | DESIGNER |

Heather relocated to Portland in 2013 from her native SC. She earned a BFA in Interior Design from Converse College, and obtained 5+ years of experience before joining the SUM team. Heather has worked as a space planner on projects in fitness retail, healthcare, and residential design. She is rapidly expanding her knowledge of tenant improvement projects and is always striving to learn something new! When she’s not in the office creating a new to-do list, you can find her training for her next weightlifting meet, reading, singing (and dancing) along to her favorite songs, or exploring the outdoors with her husband.

Christian Sterner  | DESIGNER |  c

Christian Sterner | DESIGNER |

Christian started his architectural life reluctantly by being forced to experience interesting buildings.  He came around eventually and actually loved architecture school where all the books are free and the projects don’t need to come in on budget.  His dose of reality came working in San Francisco for various architecture firms.  He moved with his family to Portland in 2008.  His wife is an Architect and as parents they get a lot of push back from their girls when they are forced to experience interesting buildings.  Christian is deeply nerdy and likes going down rabbit holes like audio, cars and product design. 

Heather Green, IIDA  | DESIGNER |

Heather Green, IIDA | DESIGNER |

Heather has a wide variety of project type experience including public spaces, spas, restaurants, senior living communities, multi-family and residential.  As an NCIDQ-certified interior designer, she is passionate about pushing the boundaries of conventional design and strives to create warm, transformational spaces that are tailored to the unique needs of each and every client.  After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the University of Tennessee, Heather lived and worked in Asheville, NC for 7 years before being drawn to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  For 11 years, Heather has worked for Myhre Group Architects, Architropolis, and now is happy to be a part of the SUM Design team.  Heather has extensive experience as a Project Manager and Project Designer, and continues to bring her experience and drive to each new endeavor.

Chad Ethridge  | DESIGNER |  c

Chad Ethridge | DESIGNER |

Chad relocated from Dallas, TX in 2010 to earn his Master's degree from the University of Oregon. Drawn to the Pacific Northwest for both its natural beauty and its distinct architectural style, Chad has found a permanent home here in Portland. He joins the SUM team after spending the previous five years at other small architecture firms in the Portland area and brings with him a wide knowledge base having worked professionally on projects ranging from small tenant improvements to ground-up shell retail buildings. As a volunteer, Chad spent countless hours working as both designer and builder for community design groups in Dallas building homes for under-served communities, finding the true beauty of architecture at the intersection of design and craft. In his free time Chad can be found around town attending live music and comedy shows.

Ann Scheuerell  | DESIGNER |

Ann Scheuerell



Wilson's dedication to the firm began at the early age of 10 weeks old. He's developed his skills as an office dog to consist mainly of spilling water, eating garbage, protecting staff from UPS and officially being the first one at the door when guests arrive. He is currently licensed in the state of Oregon and is up to date on all his vaccinations. When out of the office he enjoys spending time chasing squirrels, long walks on the beach, eating popcorn and generally being lazy.

Ann came to architecture a little later in her career, starting first in PR, then moving to the plant nursery business. But, eventually, she thought, buildings are cool. Let's try that. And now, since 2004, Ann hasn't been quite able to pry herself away from the profession. It may be because she likes to dig into the technical details of geeky things. Or, it may be because she is a compulsive home remodeler and the work experience really does come in handy... But, ultimately, Ann is passionate about well crafted objects and structures, so architecture is probably a good fit. When she's not in the office or installing trim or pulling weeds, she is likely on a trail with her crazy dog out somewhere as far as she can get from the hum of traffic.