SUM is a group of individuals inspired to practice their skills in the context of something greater than themselves. Together, they design meaningful and sustainable buildings, environments and personal spaces for people. The studio was formed out of a desire to collaborate on holistic design projects in a culture of flexibility, creativity and professionalism. The team shares a common regard for the impact of their work on both nature and the environment in which each project lives. SUM’s process involves careful consideration for community, continuity, quality and context, as well as including sustainable building practices and materials. SUM’s business model is also distinctive. Having contributed at firms rooted in hierarchy and formalities, the team recognized advantages to creating a dynamic structure. They designed a flexible and fluid infrastructure which enables them to appoint the strongest team possible for each unique project. A thoughtful combination of architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape architects, space planners, specialty consultants and others, are chosen to lend their skills and perspectives in the way that most benefits each client. This formula allows for a holistic approach to problem-solving while capitalizing on the skills and mindsets of specialists. SUM’s inclusive approach does not end with the design team. Client partners are an integral part of the process. Getting to know each other enables the team to work openly with clients as we envision and create the most ideal result, working efficiently within the client’s budget and timeframe. The ability to balance budget, people and the environment, while helping clients realize their goals add up to SUM’s success and unique relationships with developers and clients. The firm has grown steadily, due mostly to referrals and repeat customers.
Each new project begins with a conversation.


Photo Credits to Josh Partee Photography