SUM in the News: Dwell / by Matt Loosemore

A solid way to end the year? How about a profile of Matt Loosemore, our principal and co-founder, and his own Portland home in Dwell?

 The genesis behind the remodel was the need for an upstairs bathroom in the 1949 Cape Cod home, where Matt, his wife Monica and two children have lived for 20 years. Matt kept sketching (and then kept sketching and sketching) and from there the project morphed into a whole new home. Here’s a blurb from the article in Dwell that walks the reader through the process:

 Says Loosemore, "We designed it to accommodate friends," which was also the impetus for remodeling versus moving to a new home. They were the youngest family when they arrived in 1999. "Our neighborhood became our best friends."

 To read the whole piece, go here.